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Where Is The EP Conveyor Belt Widely Used?
Jun 21, 2017

EP conveyor belt with nylon or polyester canvas as a pull, its structure with the ordinary cotton canvas fabric conveyor belt consistent.

EP conveyor belt with light, thin, high strength, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, into a good slot, long service life, EP conveyor belt also has a low elongation, size, thermal stability, good wet strength. Widely used in coal, mining, ports, electricity, metallurgy, chemicals, food, building materials and other industries long distance, heavy load of strong transmission line.

EP conveyor belt with ordinary and nylon conveyor belt compared to the characteristics:

It is made of polyester canvas, and its structure is the same as that of ordinary conveyor belt. It has the characteristics of light, thin, fatigue, impact resistance, good trough, low elongation, good thermal stability and high wet strength. With the direction of development.

In addition to the general structure of the advantages of polyester belt, but also has a higher impact resistance and better resistance to tearing performance. Core EP, DSEP two materials. Material for the DSEP is high modulus low shrink type, room temperature, high temperature stability of the better.


Mainly used for long distance, heavy load, strong chemical corrosion, and other conditions, especially for wet environments.


According to the structure, in addition to ordinary laminated structure, there are additional horizontal reinforcement layer of impact, tear-resistant polyester conveyor belt.

According to the use of points, in addition to general purposes, as well as acid and alkali, cold, fire, heat, static and other types.

EP conveyor belt Features:

First, good elasticity, impact-resistant polyester canvas full of unique flexibility, can well absorb the impact.

Second, the fixed load elongation is small, the use of elongated small polyester conveyor belt with a fixed load elongation performance is better than nylon conveyor belt and other fabric conveyor belt, in use can shorten the export trip, save equipment costs, and suitable for more Long distance material delivery.

Third, the water resistance is good in the use of humid environment, the adhesive tape of the strong adhesion temperature is not reduced to extend the life of the tape.

Fourth, the heat resistance Good corrosion resistance, basically can replace the heat-resistant conveyor belt.

Five, with a thin body can be light due to the strength of polyester canvas, about 2.5-9 times the cotton sail, and cotton canvas core conveyor belt, you can reduce the layer, so with thin body, light weight, into a good slot, Both to improve the transmission can reduce the transmission power, and can also reduce the pulley diameter, to achieve the purpose of saving.