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Views On The Development Of Future Rubber Conveyor Belt
Jan 23, 2018

As far as so on , the rubber conveyor belt is effected by Global Economic and Chinese  pollution and saving energy policy, Both Global Economic and Native Economic are slash down .

Most of all the industries are effected by it .

However development of the conveyor belt industry is bonded by coal mine industry , Iron industry , cement industry ,sea port , gas industry ,car industry , fabric industry and machinery industry Etc.


In deed , the conveyor belt industry has suffered the huge Challenge .

How could we solve it ?

Under listed are the personal views on the matter :


一、 Alliance between giants is a effective way for solving the shortage of development.

In order to strengthen the market competition .

The Cooperation between Big enterprises and Group Enterprises will realize the complement each others advantages , optimize the allocation of the resources , reduce the production cost ,improve the working efficiency , update the research and exploitation on the Cash Constraints , so that it could enlarge the idea market and gain huge economic benefits.

During the same time , it will helpful update the competition on the Global market and prompt the national industry development.


二、 Technology innovation and intelligent in production.




Nowadays , the nation support particularly on Strategic emerging industries and Public entrepreneurship ,Innovation , we have to keep space with the nation development .


Instantly creating new products will helpful in getting higher reputation and steady market.

In the conveyor belt business line ,we need to keep up with the advanced technology and adopting new technology in the production, so that could realize routinization ,intelligentialize and automation .


Intelligence in production will guarantee the mass production stability ,prompt the properties of the products  and make sure the products quality , , at the same time , it perform well in Saving costs in Labor , working time and production cost .BTW, it is a practical significance in energy saving and emission reduction and environmental care .

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