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The Differences Between The Over Abroad Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt And Native One
Jan 30, 2018

The differences between the over abroad Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt and native one



In the early China , all of the Chinese factories adopt the sidewall conveyor belt imported from FLEXOWELL company in German ,BELTWALL in America, BANDO in Japan .the rubber sidewall conveyor belt is expensive , but actually the usage life could over 10-20 years, However , Guarantee time for both sidewall corrugated conveyor belt and sidewall conveyor belt machine  is 1 years . even though most of the users has questioned the practicability of sidewall corrugated conveyor belt technical.


Shandong Tongtai Rubber Co.,Ltd as the only one company which adopts international standards rubber conveyor belt technical , we have replacement the original imported ones ,that means we could meet the capability of produce quality conveyor belt .


Based on Interviewed by Iron-steel industry , coal mine industry . electric industry and sea port . under listed are the differences between the Abroad one and domestic one :



  Any designing flaws on the rubber conveyor belt machine ,that will reflect on the rubber sidewall conveyor belt .



A.  Pinch Roller with out advance angles.



The pinch roller with out any advance angles will make  friction between pinch roller edge and the lay edges , and that will produce waft leakage on the sidewall corrugated lay edges . And abroad rubbersidewall conveyor belt machine with the advance angles.


B.  The pinch roller with small inner pinch roller




-The sidewall conveyor belt machine made in Japan ,Installing seperately for the  big wheel-pressure and small wheel-pressure because of the different speed .

However ,most of the factories of China , they are designing the Big Wheel-pressure and small wheel-pressure together ,and that will cause the friction between conveyor belt skirt and small pinch roller and the damage of the skirt.

But in America and Europe , the factories cancel designing the pinch rollers.

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