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The Determinants Of Many Properties Of Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
Jul 12, 2017

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt and roller friction between the factors are many, these factors are mainly, some of the tension is not enough, some of the load start is insufficient, and some is the surface of the roller friction coefficient is too small. For example, often used rollers, such as a long time, the friction coefficient inside, become smooth, is also a Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt skidding important performance. If the discussion is more careful, first to see why the conveyor belt and idler between the tension is not enough? For example, the tightness of the two is too small to form an effective combination. Engineering work, the conveyor belt is too large to bear the load, weight of the object is too full, if the length of the conveyor belt is one of the major reasons. The friction coefficient between idler and conveyor belt is not enough, and there are other reasons, such as the serious friction and wear of the roller surface, the conveyor belt with some damp or oily liquid, these materials sticking to the surface of the belt is also one of the difficulties.

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt small skeleton material, is Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt many performance determinants, such as a conveyor belt carrying capacity, that is, the load capability, as well as the ductility of the conveyor belt, these are closely related to the skeleton material. Coating material, is obviously covered in the skeleton material above, the main role is to protect the skeleton material, conveyor belt of this kind of covering material can also increase the friction coefficient, so that the transport of materials can be more stable, not too slippery and problems, which will ensure the normal work of the conveyor belt. Good conveyor belt covering materials, but also can reduce the impact of materials, reduce wear and other functions. is the base material of the conveyor belt, the bottom material is like a binder, which increases the bonding strength between the skeleton material and the cladding material. The different covering layer, is also the conveyor belt classification a standard, generally divides into the light conveyer belt and the rubber type conveyer belt. As the name suggests, rubber conveyor belt of the covering layer must be rubber, is a variety of different rubber, natural rubber, or synthetic rubber.

Despite a lot of problems, there are new ways to radically change the status quo, which is the hot vulcanization conveyor belt joint. The Hot vulcanization roller joint is the best joint technology confirmed in actual practice life, which ensures the efficiency of the conveying belt joint, and secondly, it is very stable, which is almost suitable for the winter cold in the south and the temperature change in summer heat. In the promotion of the greatest advantage, is that this conveyor belt technology is easy to be mastered by small customers, all applications widely, soon spread to north and south.