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Multi-ply Conveyor Belt Requirements For Tensile
May 26, 2017

Multi-ply Conveyor Belt normal operation, the belt speed is not less than 95% of the roller speed. If the friction between the roller and the conveyor belt is not enough, Multi-ply Conveyor Belt is prone to slip phenomenon. There are many reasons for the lack of friction between the roller and the conveyor belt. The common ones are: the tension is not enough, the load is started, the roller surface friction coefficient is not enough.

Tension is not enough reasons are: tension is not enough, with weight is not enough, long conveyor belt;

Roller surface friction coefficient is not enough reasons: the surface of the plastic package is too much wear, the tape is too wet or sticky with lubricating oil, with the surface of the body material (easy to water up).

Multi-ply Conveyor Belt on both sides of the interaction is independent of each other. In general, under the roller parallelism, roller level is not enough will cause the lower side of the conveyor belt deviation. The lower side of the deviation, and the upper side of the normal situation is basically due to poor cleaning device, under the roller sticky material, counterweight roller is not parallel, or counterweight bracket skew, the lower roller is not parallel to each other , The specific circumstances to be adjusted according to the actual situation. In general, the lower side of the deviation can be corrected, you can improve the cleaning device by working conditions, remove the roller, roller on the sticky material, adjust the lower side of the roller, the lower V-roller, or under the installation Side of the heart roller to achieve the purpose of correction.

Multi-ply Conveyor Belt in the use of the process of stretching is not very large, basically in the absence of tensile properties of the conveyor belt, if the tensile effect is too good will affect the transmission efficiency, Multi-ply Conveyor Belt can not control the tightness There will be a slip belt phenomenon. Tensile testing is also to improve the quality of the conveyor belt to ensure the normal work.

Multi-ply Conveyor Belt manufacturers of the product tensile test as long as the two ends can be pulled up operation, or directly on the use of equipment to see what will happen. Tensile testing also has a professional test and analysis equipment, through the application of the software conversion of the corresponding data, we only need to view the data will be able to obtain the conveyor belt tensile calculation results to see if it is suitable for application on the device.

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