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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Which Generally Have A Joint Way
Jul 03, 2017

All the Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt must be made into a ring to use, so the Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt joints directly affect the conveyor belt life and conveyor line can run smoothly and smoothly. General conveyor belt joints commonly used methods are mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, heat curing joints.

Mechanical joints generally refers to the use of belt buckle joints, this joint method is convenient and convenient, but also more economical, but the joint efficiency is low, easy to damage, the conveyor belt product life have a certain impact.

The cold adhesive is made of cold adhesive. This joint method is more efficient than the mechanical joint, but also more economical, should be able to have a better joint effect, but from a practical point of view, because the process conditions are more difficult to grasp, and the quality of the adhesive on the joint effect is very large, So it is not very stable. Adhesion with cold adhesive is equivalent to 40% -55% of the strength of the conveyor belt itself.

The heat vulcanized joint has proven to be the ideal method for jointing, ensuring high connector efficiency and constant stability. The joint life is long and easy to grasp. But there are processes such as trouble, high cost, short joint time and other shortcomings. The mechanical vulcanization bond is equivalent to 60% to 80% of the strength of the conveyor belt itself.