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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt In The Domestic And Foreign Markets By The Same Praise
Jul 03, 2017

In the edge of the Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt research and development, with its own professional production equipment and strong technical advantages, in just two years has been made a number of national patents. Become China in the conveyor belt industry to obtain new products, the most patented Manufacturers. The company produced a new type of ribbons production and sales increased year by year, the quality has been more and more customers to accept, in domestic and foreign markets by the unanimous praise.

High-quality Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt in the course of the use of tension, belt speed and other reasons may be broken conveyor belt, conveyor belt break, we can break the conveyor belt with a belt buckle connector, if conditions can be vulcanized Connector. There are two kinds of sports chains in the rubber chain: one is that the molecular chain of the whole Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt transitions from one spatial position to another, and the other movement means that the whole center of gravity Each part due to internal factors in the spatial position changes, can be called the segment movement. The former form of movement is achieved by the latter, because the internal rotation in the molecular chain produced in a part of the independent movement of the chain known as the chain, which is the molecular chain of the kinetic unit, with independence, that is, the chain of rotation obstacles Only affected in the segment, without affecting other segments.

The new type of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt can reduce the wear of the belt sintered material belt conveyor, the use of nylon wheel instead of iron roller, both to adjust the deviation of the conveyor belt, but also to reduce the conveyor belt edge of a certain amount of wear and tear to extend the rubber conveyor belt Of the service life, in order to solve the use of iron roller long cycle cracking caused by the edge of the rubber band rupture, nylon wheel can be used to replace the iron roller to achieve the desired effect.