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Ep Conveyor Belt: A Diversified Prospect
Oct 19, 2017

The rubber ep conveyor belt also indicates that the manufacturing process consists of three aspects that promote or support the special properties of the aluminum oxide layer. First, the structure of the cemented carbide substrate The functional gradient region as a thin outer layer is slightly weaker than the core. This layer acts like an impact absorbing layer. The inner core of the substrate, however, retains its toughness, abrasion resistance from fine particles of tungsten carbide and cobalt binder.

On the other hand, the company has developed a method to produce a highly uniform radius of the edge line. Most of the known ep conveyor belt in the market, this radius with ± 15 microns from the normal same. Now, the deviation is less than one-third of the ep transmission bandwidth band. Greater uniformity improves the predictability of edge performance and helps to maintain its clarity.

One third of the finished top surface is finished by "post-processing" and the smooth texture is removed and the ep conveyor belt is removed without the need for it. In addition to the smooth production, "no crack" ep conveyor belt texture, which is the residual stress between the coating and the substrate. Reduce the tensile stress; compressive stress enhancement. The result is a close adhesion between the remaining coating and the substrate.

Manufacturers officially introduced in the EMO rubber gc4325 conveyor belt insert level, Germany September. Announcement mainly focused on the application benefits of P25. These applications will be an important market for many industries and coated carbide blades. However, with these ep conveyor belt the challenges faced by the application do not produce steering applications unique. Progress in this area has been a significant impact on the use of coated carbide inserts for many other processing techniques, including milling and other types of steel or cast iron workpiece materials.

ep conveyor belt developers also introduced that they believe that the new manufacturing technology can be applied to other achievements to create the same important enthusiasm for productivity. Company officials do not specify in which direction they will take these developments in the short term. Obviously, they intend to emphasize the product, to meet the changes from the production environment arising.

More than ever before, EP conveyor manufacturers know that increasing production while reducing labor input is the most effective way to improve productivity. Profit naturally followed

Predictability in today's processing is becoming increasingly important, especially in the production of limited supervision.