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Damage To Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt And Its Causes
May 26, 2017

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt is made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton cloth) or polyester canvas covered with high temperature or heat-resistant rubber, high temperature vulcanization bonded together, suitable for conveying below 175 ℃ hot coke, cement, slag And hot castings. High temperature conveyor belt is mainly used in metallurgy, construction and other industries, conveying sintered ore, coke, cement clinker and other high temperature materials, material temperature does not exceed 800 ℃, with the surface temperature of not more than 200 ℃ under the conditions of use.

Conveyor belt is widely used, which is the most demand for Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt, but the conveyor belt for a long time will be damaged, I now analyze the reasons for the damage, for your reference only.

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt is a consumable. Through the length of the conveyor, not only the amount of large, and the price is high, the plastic from the upper and lower cover plastic, with the core composition. Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt longitudinal tear causes, vibration shock caused by fasteners loose and fall off, resulting in falling coal pipe liner, guide plate and other fall, the material mixed with foreign body, foreign body hard, angular, Roller defects, idler racks caused by scratches, conveyor belt after a serious deviation from the rack to hang.

The main reason for the cracking of the conveyor belt is that the number of bending times of the conveyor belt is limited by the size of the space, and the vulcanization is carried out for more than two times due to various reasons. The gap between the guide groove and the tape is not suitable, causing abnormal wear, or the insertion of foreign matter at the gap, resulting in abnormal wear or scratches. The flow rate of the material at the guide groove is not consistent with the speed of the conveyor belt, the gap is large, and the glue is accelerated. The roller is damaged, causing abnormal wear or scratches of the tape. Tape slip, but also cause abnormal wear tape.

In the past, the main equipment and tools used include cranes, belt tugs, belt plywood and harnesses, the specific steps are as follows: The main equipment and tools for the use of heat exchangers are improved. : Cut the old belt at the rear tail of the machine and punch the end of the old belt away from the outlet. Use the belt clamp to replace the end of the new conveyor belt with the old belt, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt. Cut off to form a long section of the old belt and the short section of the old belt. Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt replacement at the exit set to replace the tug, the replacement tugs connected to the belt bracket on the long side of the old transport belt from the end of the belt near the end of the end Through the belt to replace the tug with the harness will be a long section of the old belt of the beginning of the trap, and then the crane hook will be long section of the old band up pulling.

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When the long-term Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt is pulled to the limit of the crane, the arm will be replaced with a trolley to replace the tug and have been moved from the long section of the outlet to the ground and the belt is moved to the belt to replace the exit Repeat, measure the distance between the tail wheel of the equipment and the replacement of the tug at the heat-resistant conveyor, and cut the remaining new belt without replacement.

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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt are used in rubber belts, metal composite products, or plastic and fabric composites for the carrying and transporting of materials from belt conveyors. Conveyor belt can be continuous, high efficiency, large angle of transport. Conveyor belt operation safety, easy to use conveyor belt, easy maintenance, low freight, and can shorten the transport distance, reduce project cost, save manpower and resources.

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