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Corrugated Sidewall Rubber Conveyor Belt for coal mine
Jan 22, 2018

Product Detail:

Basic Info:

  • Type:Large Angle Sidewall Conveyor Belt

  • Material:Rubber

  • Inside Material:EP, NN or CC Fabric or steel cord

  • Feature: scope transportation from 0 to 90 degree

  • Tensile Strength:Strong

  • Origin:Shandong, China

Product Description:

Description: large angle corrugated sidewall conveyor belt consists of a baseband, sidewall, cleat 3 parts. 

Sidewall acts as a role to prevent the material sliding scattered. For ease of bypassing the drum, sidewall design as corrugated wall; the function of the cleat is supporting material, in order to achieve a large transmission angle, using T-TC type. Sidewall and cleats use a secondary curing method connected with the baseband, this have high bonding strength. Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt according to cover properties divided into ordinary type, heat-resistant, flame retardant type, cold type, acid type, oil type.

Product advantages:
1, increases the conveying angle (0 to 90 degrees);
2, small footprint, less investment;
3,large throughput, and enhance greater heights;
4, from horizontal to inclined (or vertical) can be a smooth transition;
5, suitable for conveying spilled powder, granular, small block, paste and liquid-like materials;
6, low energy consumption, simple structure, high strength adhesive tape, long service life

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