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Conveyor Belt Standard
Mar 29, 2017

General conveyor belt perform GB7984-2001 standards.

General conveyor belt: cover: tensile strength not less than 15Mpa, elongation of not less than 350%, wear ≤ 200mm3, longitudinal sample average fabric layer of ply adhesion strength not less than 3.2N/mm, cover with fabric layer not less than 2.1N/mm, longitudinal elongation at break not less than 10%, full-thickness vertical reference force elongation of not more than 1.5%

Nylon (NN), and polyester (EP) conveying with: cover layer: stretch strength not is less than 15Mpa, pulled broken elongation degrees not is less than 350%, wear volume ≤ 200mm3, layer between bonded strength longitudinal sample average cloth layer between not is less than 4.5N/mm, cover rubber and cloth layer between not is less than 3.2N/mm, full thickness longitudinal pulled broken elongation rate not is less than 10%, full thickness longitudinal reference force elongation rate not is greater than 4%, cover rubber used oak plastic total mixed, skeleton GB level pull strength coefficient, Can be overlapped into the ring.

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