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Conveyor Belt Of Concern
Mar 29, 2017

Adopts the internationally advanced standards. In recent years, export of belt conveyor in our country, more and more, foreign investors generally do not accept China's standard product, requires use of standards such as ISO, Germany or the United States. Therefore, the conveyor belt must collect, Digest of relevant international standards and according to technical standards for the manufacture, testing, packaging and service.

Second is to strengthen research on special conveyor belt. Increasing product varieties and improve product quality, strengthen the cold and heat resistant conveyor belts, conveyor belts, pipe conveyor belt, tear resistant conveyor belt, high wear resistance, high strength steel cord conveyor belt conveyor belt, ST5000 development. In order to adapt to the highly abrasive materials, improving the service life of conveyer belt, several countries have already developed resistance to abrasion than German standards of surface adhesive materials, wear volume reached 50~70 cubic millimeters.