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Conveyor Belt Maintenance Methods
Mar 29, 2017

Conveyor belt with simple structure, convenient advantages is widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical, steel and other industries in the shorter transport distance, throughput smaller occasions. In industrial production, save production costs is the key, so the conveyor belts for proper maintenance, it can effectively extend the service life of conveyer belt. Next, we will look at how to maintain the conveyor belt.

1 transportation in transport and storage, should be kept clean to prevent direct sunlight or rain and snow dip cream to prevent the acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances and heating device than a meter away.

2, conveyor belt storage storage temperature should be kept between 18-40 degrees c, the relative humidity should be maintained between 50-80%.

3, the conveyor belt during storage, products required to deposit rolled, not folded, turning quarterly and conveyor belts.