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Conveyor Belt High Dip Angle Belt
Mar 29, 2017

Includes short patterns, the cleat belt, diaphragm plate and rib-type categories (Figure 3). Face of a short pattern on the cover with a height of less than 10 mm of rubber bump or convex, layer to block material, used to transport powdered and small particles of bulk material. High tread belt between bump height 10~25 mm on the surface, to prevent items from rolling to transport, large-grained bulk materials. Both Belt conveying angle can be increased by about 10 °. Diaphragm plate with face cover stick more than more than 100 mm high partitions, partition shapes are divided into two-fin, fin, high v-shaped or a shape, can be used to achieve a tilt up to 53 ° up. Rib belt with wavy or plate-type ribs, diaphragm and rib height of 40~300 mm, this to achieve vertical lift.

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