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Comparison Of Cost - Effective Comparison Between EP Conveyor Belt And NN Conveyor Belt
Sep 27, 2017

EP conveyor belt and NN conveyor belt What are the advantages and disadvantages:

NN conveyor belt is an alternative to cotton canvas conveyor belt, with high strength, good anti-fatigue performance advantages, but in the course of the use of NN conveyor belt elongation is relatively large, easy to stretch;

EP Conveyor Belt is an upgraded product of the NN belt, it has the advantages of nylon conveyor belt, and because of the use of the process of elongation is relatively small, so the scope of a wider range. However, the adhesion of EP canvas and rubber is not as fast as NN canvas, so the safety of EP is not as good as that of NN conveyor belt.

NN, EP conveyor belt in the appearance of the difference is:

The same strength of the NN conveyor belt, EP conveyor belt, NN conveyor belt is relatively thin, from the cross-section to see the yarn line is relatively tight point, EP conveyor belt from the side of the yarn to see a greater degree of bending between the two peaks Distance is relatively large. In addition, the NN conveyor belt is relatively soft and the EP is relatively hard