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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt Have A Wide Range Of Applications
Jul 12, 2017

Cold transport with a place is adhesive, the quality of the gum also determines the overall performance of the Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt. How to keep this bonding material in your life is also a matter of great importance. First of all, the film or glue should be stored in a dry environment, as far as possible dark, no direct exposure to sunlight, not only to place the direct sunlight room to avoid the surrounding environment of radiation. Put the Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt glue in the place away from flammable material and fire source. Second, the film and glue should be placed in a lot of dust space, so as to prevent a variety of chemical contact with the reaction to bring about. When it comes to these, there is humidity, the best environmental humidity of the conveyor belt film and mortar is 50% to 75%.

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt small skeleton material, is the conveyor belt a lot of performance determinants, such as a hardy conveyor belt capacity, that is, the load capability, as well as the ductility of the conveyor belt, these are closely related to the skeleton material. Coating material, is obviously covered in the skeleton material above, the main role is to protect the skeleton material, conveyor belt of this kind of covering material can also increase the friction coefficient, so that the transport of materials can be more stable, not too slippery and problems, which will ensure the normal work of the conveyor belt. Good Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt covering material, but also can reduce the impact of materials, reduce wear and other functions.

Our hardy Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt have obvious advantages over other ordinary Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt. High strength, light quality, this is in line with the needs of the present era, is a trend. Wear-resistant, beautiful, this is the constant pursuit of customers. Non-toxic tasteless, this in line with the requirements of modern green production, long life, energy-saving, in line with our current principle of sustainable development, in short, our conveyor belt is environmentally friendly green, durable. Such a good conveyor belt in the market demand is very large, because its scope of application is very wide, can be widely used in automated production of a variety of assembly lines, assembly lines, tobacco, food, electronics, fitness equipment, airport, station conveyor line, textile, printing and other industries.