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EP Conveyor Belt And Nylon Conveyor Belt Distinction
Jun 09, 2017

EP conveyor belt with heat stability, impact resistance, suitable for long-distance, high discretion, high-speed transport of materials under conditions.

EP conveyor belt can be widely used in coal, mining, port, metallurgy, electricity, chemical and other fields of transportation materials.


1, good elasticity, impact resistance polyester canvas full of unique flexibility, can well absorb the impact.

2, the fixed load elongation is small, the use of elongated small polyester canvas conveyor belt load performance is better than nylon conveyor belt and other fabric conveyor belt, in use can shorten the export trip, save equipment costs, and suitable for Long distance material delivery.

3, good water resistance in the use of humid environment, the tape's strong adhesion temperature does not reduce the extension of the life of the tape.

4, good heat resistance and good corrosion resistance

5, with a thin body can be light due to the strength of polyester canvas, about 2.5-9 times the cotton sail, and cotton canvas core conveyor belt, you can reduce the layer, so with thin body, light weight, Both to improve the transmission can reduce the transmission power, and can also reduce the pulley diameter, to achieve the purpose of saving.

EP conveyor belt and nylon conveyor belt seems difficult to distinguish, but we also have a way, Baoding Albert to teach you a few different ways:

(1) from the perspective of yarn lines: nylon conveyor belt is relatively compact, EP conveyor belt from the side to see the degree of bending is relatively large, the distance between the two peaks is relatively large.

(2) If you want to identify the material of the skeleton layer in the end is NN or EP, you can use a simple way to burn with the fire: ignite the skeleton layer of monofilament, burning quickly and black smoke is EP, burning slowly no black smoke Is NN (nylon fiber).

(3) the same strength of the nylon conveyor belt and EP conveyor belt compared to NN conveyor belt to thinner. NN conveyor belt relative to the EP conveyor belt to be a little soft.

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