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Difficulties And Causes Of Appearance Of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt
Jun 09, 2017

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt appearance defects and the formation of reasons, covering the surface of the plastic micro-concave become a scar, the scar is the most common Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt appearance defects, the main reasons are:

Plasticity plasticity is too small into poor mobility, if the rubber compound coating compound with unreasonable combination, especially the use of improper softener plastic plasticity is small, poor mobility, are likely to cause scars, the solution: the rational use of softener And the amount of plasticizer, and strictly control the plasticity of the compound and the uniformity of the compound, so that the rubber material in line with the process requirements, when the flattening machine after the closure, if the rubber vulcanization speed is too fast rubber material has not completely gone Usually, the rubber has been vulcanized, not filled the place is the scars, the solution: the appropriate control of the vulcanization rate of rubber on the ethylene-propylene rubber, the heat-resistant plastic vulcanization speed is very slow, and neoprene Of the cross-linking agent is zinc oxide and magnesium oxide, if the magnesia absorption group deterioration, the activity is not enough its anti-coke performance is poor, often appear too fast sulfur phenomenon, so control the quality of magnesium oxide is the key to solve this problem The Plastic plasticity is too large or too much viscosity, curing caused by fossil gas.

If the adhesive viscosity is too large, when the flat vulcanizing machine film, the extrusion is not easy to discharge the air, often fog caused by scars. So the plastic plastic cover can not be too large, generally more than 0.4 operation is not ideal, especially neoprene, due to poor adhesion of ethylene propylene and styrene butadiene, if the plastic plastic cover a little bigger, and rarely appear Scar. Demand is also more and more, the quality requirements are getting higher and higher, not only product performance, durable and appearance should be beautiful. For the appearance of the quality of the conveyor belt countries do not expressly expressly provided, but the provisions of GB / T7894-2001 ordinary conveyor belt, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt industry standard HC 2297-92, the appearance of the quality of the implementation of GB-526 fabric conveyor belt Appearance quality standards, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt appearance quality is an important indicator, the appearance of quality is not only the appearance of the product research is also a sophisticated.