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Pu belt
Mar 29, 2017

PU conveyor belt Description: PU-friendly material: polyurethane (PU) as the conveyor belt production of raw materials, product formulations is reasonable in line with food hygiene standards can be in direct contact with food, moderate color, no odor. And: oil-resistant, corrosion-resistance, cold resistance, resistance to cutting and so on. Polyurethane (PU) conveyor belt using a specially treated high strength polyurethane synthetic fabrics as carrying skeleton, coating made of polyurethane (PU) resins. Not only has higher tensile strength of common conveyor belt and moves well, light, thin, firm characteristics, and resistance to oil, toxic hygiene, easy to clean. Hygienic standard for this type of conveyor belt is fully compliant with us FDA, wear resistance, resistance to physical aging, is a durable transport products.