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Conveyor Belt
Jul 08, 2017

Product Description

Steel cord conveyor belts are widely used in high strength, long distance and heavy load transportation of materials, and they are also used in high strength and short distance transportation of materials on special occasions. Its characteristics are high tensile strength, small elongation in use, small diameter of drive pulley, high adhesion between rubber and steel cord, even tension of steel cords, good troughability.

PVC \PVG solid-woven fire- resistant conveyor belts are mainly used for materials transportation in the underground mines, warehouses and other combustible and explosive places. With the following advantages as high strength, wear/tear resistant, anti-static and fire-resistant, this product can be the substitute foe the steel cord conveyor belts, PVC \PVG solid-woven fire- resistant conveyor belts are up to the standard MT MINERAL USE FIRE-RESISTANT, ANTI-STATIC, SOLID-WOVEN CONVEYOR BELT.