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Conveyor Operating Procedures
Jan 26, 2018

Conveyor Operating Procedures

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Conveyor operating procedures is very important, the following details are some suggestions:

1.The fixed conveyor should be installed in accordance with the provisions of the installation on a fixed basis. Before moving the conveyor, the wheels should be wedged or locked with a brake. So as to avoid moving in the work, there are multiple conveyor parallel operation, between machines and machines, between the machine and the wall should be one meter channel.

2.Before using the conveyor, please check if the operation part of the tape buckle and the carrying device is normal, if protective equipment is complete And the tape tightness should be adjusted to the appropriate level before starting.

3.The belt conveyor should be start withour loading materials. Then feed into the material when conveyor stat it's normal operation . It is forbidden to put into conveying materials first.

4.There are several conveyor series running, should start from the discharge side, the order of starting. After all the normal operation, before the material.

5.The operation of tape deviation occurs when the phenomenon should be parking adjustment, not forced to use, so as not to wear the edge and increase the load.

6, The working environment and the sent material temperature shall not be higher than 50 ℃ and below -10 ℃. Do not transport materials with acid-base oils and organic solvents.

7. the conveyor belt to prohibit pedestrians or by people.

8, parking must be stopped before the feed, and so on the belt to unload the material before unloading to stop.

9、The conveyor motor must be insulated properly. Do not pull the cable and do not pull it. The motor should be grounded reliably.

10, belt slip is strictly prohibited by hand to pull the belt, so as to avoid accident.

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